ultimate family changeroom. A favourite sport of travis kam.
Me: lets go ufc now.
You: No! thats taboo travis always ufcs
by ufc lovers August 03, 2010
1. U.Fail.C-Word.

2. Ultimate.Fail.Club.

3. A possible typo of KFC

Girl 1: Are those guys fighting again!
Girl 2: Yeah, they're attempting to play UFC...
Girl 1: Oh I see what you mean.

#2.. (online)
Girl 1: Hey let's meet at UFC!
Girl 2: Uh, okay..
Girl 1: Oh sht, I mean KFC.
by [natalie sthoup] July 26, 2010
Ugly. Fat. Chick.
that fuckin' ufc cock blocked me from her smokin hot friend.
by Ranmaker October 24, 2008
Ultimate Fighting Championship

It's the most overhyped, and overrated mixed martial arts company in the world. When it had a cult following before it went mainstream it was much better: there were less rules and less bullshit grappling.
Joe: Are You going to the UFC PPV taping?
Scott: No I'm holding out for the Affliction taping
two or more bros engaging in combat.
I'll fuckin UFC y0ur ass homie. What fool!
by the ultimate dgafer November 27, 2009
Ultimate Faggot Championship. Two sweaty faggots without clothes touching each other on the floor very passionately for 5 minutes. Combination of Gay anf Boring.
UFC is for homosexuals.
by Greatnessneses August 27, 2009
Un Funny Cunt

When someone tries to be funny, but isnt they get called a UFC
Jeff - "Why did the chicken croos the road?, to get to the other side"

You - "UFC!"
by Jezza07 May 24, 2007

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