A polite way to say what is probably the most offensive word in the English language, "cunt."
Jane: "Bob called me the c-word!"
Sally: "That cocksucker!"
by Ollie the Dog November 10, 2005
The polite term for cunt. Used by idiots and pussies alike.
Jimmy: j00 r sux0r c-wurd biznatch lolbunwiches
Eric: You.. are an idiot and a pussy.
by Eric Melech April 16, 2005
CWord is the alias of Marvin Sanchez, a top rated Halo player. He played on Nice Like Rice, who won 5th place at MLG Canada, the world's most renouned Halo competition league. NLR joined with professional Counter-Strike:Source team, Devastation (www.team-DEV.com | #devastation), and now competes in Halo 3.
CWord has a nasty BR.

CWord is amazing at calling team shots.
by Alex Stuthers February 06, 2008
When it's inappropriate in public (or around your girlfriend) to use the word "cunt," or "the 'c-word'"... simply refer to someone as a "cword". It gets the point across with a minimum of vulgarity.
John: That teacher gave me a D...
Jill: What a fucking cword.
by Stuart the Great April 14, 2005
1. Any word that begins with "c": "C" is for cookie, for one; "C" is also for cat, cute, college, crimson, carrot, cool, crazy, the list goes on for a long time.

2. A euphemism for "cranky Sue", at least according to 30 Rock.

3. A euphemism for "cunt".
1. What "c-word"? There's lots of words that start with "C"! (breaks into "C if For Cookie")

2. "Oh honestly, Miz Lemon, you can be such a c-word,"
(shocked silence)
"...a cranky Sue."
by Lorelili April 01, 2009
A stuck up, goody-two-shoe, self-centered, non-knowing, hard to please biatch.

A dirty whore.
Man did you see C-word today, she needs to get over herself.
by OperationSupporter March 24, 2005
The word "commitment", another word you don't want to hear your girlfriend utter while dating. She will either say "I don't want to make a commitment" whereas you get dumped or "I want to make a commitment" whereas she wants you to dump your current wife. For the boyfriend to utter this word in such a way is a big no-no.
My girldfriend dropped the c-word last night.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008

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