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University College London, the first college of the University of London. It was England's third university (after oxford and cambridge.)

It was not originally recognised by the Crown as it intended to (and still does, rather surprisingly) accept people of all races, classes and genders.

There is a long standing rivalry between UCL and King's College London (which is like this crappy bit of UoL, and basically is good for nothing apart from playing football with dead people's heads. The Wankers.)

UCL is a very cool place. Everyone should worship it.
I am applying to UCL to study medicine

Why are you applying to King's? UCL is FAR better!
by Bentham face March 30, 2006
UCL is an acronym for Un-Controllable-Laughter

used when something is too funny, past hilarious.
Jonathan: I was in the hallway, and this guy tried to get all in my face, so i slapped him in the face, and he started crying!!!

Cole: lmao, no way who was it??

Jonathan: Derek!!

Cole: ucl!!!

Turner: Who would cheat on a hot girl friend, that has a perfect body, perfect face, and foreign?? for some white hoe???

Nathan: Tiger Woods!!

Turner: UCL!!!
by indiZ August 30, 2010
To choke in a competitive setting.
Bill Buckner really ucl'd that ground ball.
by koVe December 17, 2009
an upper classman love.
The freshman girl Emily loved the senior guy Jake, but knew she would never hook up with him because he was just her UCL.
by KatiBee June 09, 2007
The Godless Scum of Gower Street

A much pretty bad polytechnic founded after King's College London University (which is much better)
"Hey where do you study"

"I study at UCL Poly!"

"Lol twat"
by The Beheader October 13, 2013

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