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shorter version of alrite, ight, aite, and all right
alot easier to type in on a txt when using a qwerty phone
Kayla: Ok baby i g2g ill text you later

Jared: Iiit bye!
by indiZ June 18, 2010
A text or IM message composing of random letters, numbers, and symbols that can mean to change a conversation, to show disagreement, or to start a conversation.
Nathan: I heard that you were in the bedroom with Mary Carter last night?!?!?!?!

David: ofiuh983427ruhjd67T9OH68^%&*iohhfowe

Nathan: oh I see haha

Libby: John, you are a creeper!!

John: iou9f8eng &%$uihgfn0o9wperi-32

Libby: No you are!!!

Robert: dco43yht09rpfujop)(&tyodfh43nwoyp9&$678fieuvb

Wesley: 0395y7u42-eu0djncmoqp9eh2opqjdnia/.snkc(Ty%#E$%I^rvhl;wbfknvm.

Robert: haha nice text blow up

Wesley: haha you too what you up too?
by indiZ February 26, 2010
UCL is an acronym for Un-Controllable-Laughter

used when something is too funny, past hilarious.
Jonathan: I was in the hallway, and this guy tried to get all in my face, so i slapped him in the face, and he started crying!!!

Cole: lmao, no way who was it??

Jonathan: Derek!!

Cole: ucl!!!

Turner: Who would cheat on a hot girl friend, that has a perfect body, perfect face, and foreign?? for some white hoe???

Nathan: Tiger Woods!!

Turner: UCL!!!
by indiZ August 30, 2010
God Be Willing
My Grandfather is suffering with cancer right now, gbw he makes it out

"And if i do this right, gbw, ill make it to the top." - IndiantheGreat
by indiZ September 21, 2010

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