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1) (The Facebook) An online networking site limited to college students at certain 4-year universities. Members establish profiles, upload a picture, list interests, list classes, and add friends. Started by several Harvard students and made public in February 2004.

2) An elite version of Friendster, a less teeny-bopper and cleaner version of Myspace

3) An actual book of students' pictures and contact information at many colleges. May or may not be limited to the incoming freshman class, depending on the college. Often found at top tier universities.
I checked out her Facebook profile and she's single, you should introduce yourself.
by supaflyyoc October 31, 2004
The University of California. The first tier public university system which serves the upper 12.5% of graduating high school seniors in California. UC has 10 campuses and over 208,000 students. Campuses include flagship UCLA and UC Berkeley. Excluding soon-to-be opened UC Merced, all 9 UC campuses rank within the Top 50 according to US News and World Report.

See also CSU.
Most people apply to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and UC Irvine.
by supaflyyoc May 25, 2005
University of Caucasian Isolation. According to the most recent statistics, UCI caucasians are outnumbered 3:1, and are outnumbered by Asians 2:1.
This is Orange County, where are all the rich white people like in the TV show?
by supaflyyoc March 29, 2005
California State University. The second tier public university system which serves the upper 25% of graduating high school seniors in California. CSU has 23 campuses and over 409,000 students, making it the largest public school system in the country.

See UC
I was accepted to CSU Sacramento and San Diego State University.
by supaflyyoc March 27, 2005
A type of ice cream in a cylindrical cone that involves the pushing up of a plunger to release the food.
The ice cream truck had popsicles and push ups.
by supaflyyoc October 31, 2004
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