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A Pimp Pakistani Playa with impeccable looks, sharp wits, and unbelievable physique...Also, one with a penis of such size that it would make a black man cry "oh lordy." Can also box extremely well, and will make Asif cry in the Turkey Spectacular....
I wish I was like Umar, since he is so handsome,smart,beautiful, and kicks my butt in everything from video games to math tests.
by Saif Siddiqhi November 16, 2004
A sexy individual with whom every girl in the room finds unbelievably attractive. Usually causing other less attractive guys to become jealous and plot to somehow get rid of him.
Guy1: You see that umar over there hogging all the girls?

Guy2: Yeah, he's totally show stopping my game.

Guy1: I have a plan, while I'm standing next to him, you bump into me and make my drink spill on his shirt.
by Theguydownthelane February 10, 2010
The meaning of the name "Umar" is a man that is loving of his family and friends around him. His character is one of an honest nurturing man. He will open doors and compliment beauty to the one he loves. He can have a stubborn side but will give in when he feels as if hes losing something of value. "Umar"- A keeper.
by MandiMaxine August 25, 2011
Probably the most amazing guy I've met. We've gone through some bad times but I'm just happy we're talking again. He's handsome, adorable, cute, and incredibly sexy. I wish he was here with me and was mine but unfortunately we live about an hour away from eachother. I hope I meet this boy one day and get lucky enough to call myself his girlfriend. Oh, and he's a bum while I'm thuggin' it up.
Umar's a bum but he's my bum.
by xpacmanx January 28, 2011
a guy whos really good looking, sexy and funny but can't tell noor he likes her which makes him a pussy.
Person 1: Look at that umar! Hes got noor waiting for him.

Person 2: You need steel balls for not being an umar!

Awais: That umar is so blind that he doesnt see how noor likes him back!

Adam: right on boi!
by Rafay7329 June 24, 2013
a paki boy who loves all girls expecially brown girls
That Umar loves Japjit and Simerin.
by lolfagu December 04, 2010
Literally, the anus, or anything to do with the ass.
I got tysoned in the umar by the cop! I was only going 5 miles over the speed limit!
by sbab July 26, 2009

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