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to take advantage of to have sex, make out, kiss, a reputation.
i cant believe he used me. I really liked him. and he knew that!Being used sucks butt! Yeah! u heard me! u wanna suck my butt and make out!!

His friend: How could u use her?
Him: It was easy, I asked her out with my eyes closed. that way i dont feel guilty.
His friend: Wow. Ur a dick.
by pissedofffathimthatbitch March 30, 2009
A verb that usually implies using drugs.

Usually used by police or people who don't actually do any drugs.
Example 1:
Mother: I hope you're not using. You're not using are you?
Son: No mom, I don't use. Using is for losers.

Example 2:
Officer: Yeah he uses. I found his coke stash.
by Sir_Nicolas December 14, 2008
A retarded way of refering to a group. Supposedly the plural of "you".
use 2 cum ova her! I fund sumfin!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
Tango: There was a brutal rape scene with Monica Bellucci in Irreversible.
Cash: Did you use it?
by TheRealBoyardee February 05, 2011
Ejaculate semen, especially on to something.
Sick! This pornography's been used on.
by Macy Grey January 11, 2008