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Think about it: If a girl smokes a pack of cigarettes,that means she's simulating the act of sucking 20 little white dicks every day!
The odds are even higher if she smokes and has a tattoo!
dad:son,i give you just one piece of advice about women,If she smokes, she pokes..
son:ok,thanks dad.
by mohair May 11, 2007
sms text message i124q = i one two four Q = i want to fuck you.
(say it quick for best results).
read dis n tink bout it - i124q - txt me bak with yr answer ;)
by mohair June 02, 2007
Someone who was born and raised in the Slovak Republic capital city that is Bratislava.
local Brats looking in total bewilderment as UK drunken yobs,strippin off and jumping into city fountains singing,
"Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves,
Britons never never will be slaves"
by mohair June 15, 2007
fact "Q" is the only letter that does not appear in any of the names of the 50 states in america.
(but a 51 star flag has been designed in case of a 51st state actually ever joining the union:)
texas boy:,"why are there no q's in america?"
daddy:"There ain't no 'Q'ueer in cowboy and I don't care for anyone suggesting there is."

by mohair May 07, 2007
There Are No Rules!
negra:do ya wanna go for intimate picnic down by the riverside?
drago:nein,i'd rather not bother with all that romantic bullshit and just fuck you now!
negra:you're sick motherfucker.
the rules of attractions,fuck you all very much.
by mohair June 13, 2007
Paff,Der Zauberdrachen (Puff the Magic Dragon) song sang in german & performed Monkey Circus linz 1975 by Marlene Dietrich where her very long career largely ended when she broke her leg:Believed by some trippy hippies to refer to smoking marijuana,due to references to paper dragon(draggin)and puffs of smoke.therfore being banned around some of the world with it's association with the drug culture.
hippy: PMD a coded song about marijuana.
negra:no shit bro,i tink it was the Spooky Douglas AC-47 gunships developed by the US Air Force during the Vietnam War.
hippy:O hare krishna Puff the Magic Dragon maybe your right!
by mohair May 27, 2007
name of the Black Dragon in series of novels written by Stephen Marley:part-human,part-demon & the eponymous anti-hero of a dark fantasy.identified in the novels as "The most dangerous woman in the history of man". The term "Chinese Gothic" was coined to describe the world of Black Dragon.
careful!dont go up black dragon mountain princess negradrago will metamorphoses herself & turn into deranged and dangerous demon to eat your flesh!
'Puff the magic blackdragon'
by mohair May 09, 2007

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