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A sassy, fun, beautiful woman, loves being in long relationships, loyal, a great kisser, loves to cuddle.
I think ima go home n cuddle up wit Tyne.

Man, Tyne can kiss
by myworldalways February 04, 2010
great, awesome, etc.
Maan, that is tyne.
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
a fuckin beautiful river that seperates newcastle from gateshead, crossing over it are loads of beautiful bridges includin the ever famous tyne bridge, slightly polluted but beautiful all the same
"divvent gan in the Tyne man ya legs will dissolve"
by ToonFanatic10k August 07, 2005
A bull dike

a flannel shirt wearin mullet sportin hardcore hairy chested woman who could easily kick any mans ass
Holy shit man look at that big ass tyne over there!

man she is chewin snuff and wipin that shit off on her flannel shirt!!
by Nayron January 31, 2007
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