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what you wear for clothing, accessories, or other things you own
Jay was sportin his new kicks at the club.
by Nomad72 April 26, 2006
To be wearing a certain article of clothing.
Damn boy, you sportin' Dickies?
by Jroc44x January 23, 2005
To be stylin'. Something that is: "cool, chill, hott, tight."

Also means that you're rockin' something, or wearing something to the utmost.
This party is mad sportin'.

That outfit is sportin'.

I'm sportin' the black bandana, so you can't! Take it off!
by chelsea frank November 27, 2006
To be stylin'.
True Benz owner.
Diana is sportin' the fuk outta dat Benzy.
by GuessWho December 03, 2004
sportin means to be wayy on top of your qame.
to be more experienced in tha shit you do
then anyone among a group of people.

having the latest shit and rockin it before
anyone else can.
"get your game up cuz im sportin on u niggas"

"man..i stay sportin tha newest airs yo"
by cheyali. August 20, 2008

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