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Where as on TIME is considered 15 minutes early, ON TYNE is 2 hours late to everything. Named for the famous Wilma Tynes, Upward Bound Director.
Guy1 - Dude we were supposed to leave at 9, and we didn't leave until 11!

Guy2 - Its okay man we're still On Tyne.
by In.The.AM June 25, 2012
You know that thing when you're sitting in down and your jeans ripple up in the crotch give the illusion of one having a small erection. Thats what a Jean Boner is.
"Dude look at Susy's crotch"

"Oh shit, she has a total Jean Boner!!!"
by In.The.AM October 17, 2012
A wonderful thing. Can be seen when a girl is wearing anysort of tight shirt or bikini. The best angle to view is beside, and slightly behind her. Made famous by the episode of Family Guy episode where Peter creates his own TV network and has a segment on side boobs.
Peter- This is my side boob
by In.The.AM July 11, 2012
When you're blue balled to the point when your balls swell up and turn red. When you finally DO release your load the orgasm is 10x more powerful than SSJ4 Goku's Kamehameha Wave and will likely blow the recipiet a few feet back. Named after the Dragon Balls on the famous tv show Dragon Ball Z.
Goku-Yeah, Chi-Chi gave me a total case of the Dragon Ballz lastnight and i totally unleashed the dragon on her ass.
by In.The.AM July 11, 2012
When someone says something that goes completely against the grain of another thing they have previously said or claimed to believe, and in the process of contradicting themselves, they also achieve the feat of looking like a total dick.
Paul-Hey George would you like a hotdog>

George-No man I'm a complete vegitarian, unless they are 100% Angus imported from the Sudetenland, which I'm pretty sure your ass cant afford.

Henry-Dude, you're a total Contradick
by In.The.AM July 09, 2012
A person who in real life lacks actual intelligence but on social media regularly post "deep" statuses or tweets that show their "emotional" sides. Phacebook Philosophers rarely ever live by these teachings and these post are done almost purely to give the allusion of sophistication. They often tell of success and the future and sound good on paper. Occasionally they will sprinkle God's name in the post to add a religious aspect to the mix. The most common Phacebook Philosophers are hoes.
Hoe's Post on Facebook - "Everyone is gonna hurt you but you have to find the ones worth suffering for."

This hoe allows herself to be used continuously and is apparently oblivious to it. She is a Phacebook Philosopher.

Hoe's Post on Facebook - "Going to Bible Study tonight!!"

Little do you know that she is merely going for social purposes if at all. And the amount of dick she will suck afterwards will counteract any good she's done previously that day. She is a Phacebook Philosopher.
by In.The.AM October 06, 2013
The process of contracting a yeast infection.
Named for the classic novel by J.T. Salinger , Catcher in the Rye.
"Wheres Joan?"

"Oh she's out getting down in the cornfield Catchin' The Rye."
by In.The.AM October 17, 2012

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