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It's Arabic origin means "true" stemming from the name "Tahir". Tyhir has one variant form "Taheer". Both Tyhir and Tahir is an uncommon first name for both men & woman, ranking # 67303 out of 88799 in the 1990 Census. A holder of the name Tyhir or Tahir is a strong, loving, compassionate, giving, and chosen person. This person believes in God and leans on salvation and understanding to guide them through life. If a male, this person is destined to be a father and a husband. If a female, this person is going to be a strong member in their home and society, to say the least. Tyhir's in life will have a rocky road to start off, but will learn from mistakes and attain much fame and fortune. Tyhir is a loyal individual, stick by his or her side, and enjoy love, fun, sensuality, and friendship.
Tyhir is a wonderful father and husband.
by Leilani111 February 02, 2010
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