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Kunjagapo for Benjiman/Benji.

The names both mean pure and right hand of God.
"Tahir" is a code name for Benjiman Schwimmer, a contestant on the hit dance television show, So You Think You Can Dance. The name is a running joke on the show, due to fellow contestant Donyelle Jones and Benji trying to hide their relationship from the media and using the name as a cover-up.
by Desireelay August 12, 2006
A boy with a small Wang who eats children. But i love him and he's my doll
I'm so gonna marry a Tahir
by dollface4u January 01, 2014
An acronym for "T-bags Any Heterosexual In Range"
Watch out for that boy there. He's a bit of a Tahir.
by Morvikauthor7.0 September 28, 2006
When he grew up he found that he was in many ways like a plant e.g a sunflower...he had phototropismic powers....his alarm was natrual...the sunlight pulled his hair towards the light...the excuciating paint...made him wake tahir the plant enjoys watering his head and feeding wonder we have droughts!
tahir the plantation worker....
by True P March 29, 2005

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