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A twitter is any action taken by a second party that results is a mirco-contraction of a first parties pelvic floor muscles.
"Timmy twittered Tilleys twat till Tilleys twat twitched."

by The Wordman February 10, 2009
Someone who has mastered the art of twittering
John is a twitter, is he not?

Dickie sean chikago is a famous twitter.
by dickie chikago April 12, 2009
an online lock box
"Hold on. I'm tioxting mah twitter."
by Raed Atteyeeah December 28, 2008
The area betwixed a lady's twat and shitter
by Carlos Valeramma (Dan) September 25, 2003
a group of blonds in a bar.
last night mark had scored a twitter
by Aaliyah tidious February 10, 2009
Female perineum; that area of the anatomy between the twat and the shitter
Stop Tony, your not even in... your only just touching my twitter, from The Diaries of Cherie Blair
by garthy July 08, 2006
mother. A shortened form of twittermater (now obsolete, being a compination of twitterpated and mater, the latin word for mother).
Get away from me, you fuck! I'll tell Twitter!
by Doolsey January 01, 2005