A favorite pillow that lacks definition and firmness. Any pillow that is limp, or has feathers flying out of it. The opposite of Choate Waballoo; or fat, firm pillow.

Occasionaly; sexual deviants of impure nature refer to their pillows in this manner as if describing a girlfriend.
You suck. You snarfed all the choates and left me the twitters.

I get off on the choates...you seem to be turned on by the twitters. We're perfect for each other.
by Crazy Sven April 14, 2007
the piece of skin between your balls and asshole
BobbyT - Lick my Twitter
by isnbrg9 January 08, 2009
Twitter is a blogging app meant to be bullshit,

it also causes insomnia.
Twitter is ruining my life.
by CaligulasAquarium July 19, 2015
passive aggressive pissy angry village of spoiled brats and people who think they're famous (under 140 characters).
"Let me add you on twitter.."
by F.E.Shoebash October 15, 2014
A Huge, uneducated, primitive shit hole where everybody is an expert on the subject and they all have to share an opinion.
Friend: Omgzzz i like twitter! Me: The epidemic is upon us.

Friend: Come follow me on twitter! Me: I don't visit a cesspool full of disease and famine.
by MangoSpider August 23, 2014
It is something that only females have, it's the bit between the twat and the shitter.
Ooooh she slipped off her bike seat and bumped her twitter on the handlebar.
by Nerd Flanders August 01, 2014

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