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Singular of Twix; a single caramel and chocolate covered cookie bar. Much like a quark, the twik is rarely observed on its own.
The true test of self control is whether you can stop after just one twik.
by Evil Mad Scientist January 16, 2009
A non-gender specific term that can be synonymously used with

a) Cunt, twat, bitch

b) Dick, prick, Jack-off

Used to describe an individual who displays arrogant or aggressive behavior.
Stop acting like a twik.

Don't be such a twik.

He/She/Zee is such a fucking twik.
by ViralZombieSlayer December 15, 2013
(pronounced "twick")
Twig + Stick = Twik

Describes a tall, skinny, ugly person. Some, but not all, are geeks, nerds, or dweebs.
Paris Hilton is a twik.
Most computer programmers are twiks.
Supermodels are usually twiks.
by _allismine_ June 30, 2006
Somebody who fidgets alot.
Bill:Frank stop fidgeting you look like a twik.
by pserozaz December 14, 2009

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