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1)When somebody under the influence of any drug begins to become very anctious, or nervous.
2)The act of freaking out
Dude, quit fuckin tweakin out...fuckin tweaker
by DayDay October 21, 2004
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Stimulant induced fixation on an activity/project...

usually an instance wherein the person feels overwhelmingly compelled to take on a mentally stimulating task, even perhaps over do it
without regard for the amount of time spent

This project or activity can often be meaningless/ unimportant but nonetheless irristable

aka "being stuck," "geeking," "tweeking"
"A meth user can stay awake for several days at a time, and is often content to perform repetitive tasks -- even having the patience to stitch together shredded documents"-newspaper article

OBSESSIVELY tweak out on :
rearranging sock drawers; organizing and rearranging; disassembling electronics and appliances; drawing; cleaning; carpet surfing ( crawling around on the floor searching for crumbs of drugs ); picking one's own face; being unable to stop staring at the monitor to their outside surveillance camera; over analyzing an incident, event, topic of discussion, comment, or idea; conspiring; Captain Curtains aka Window Policing ( peeking out the windows every few seconds )
by Nargle the Garthon GAK GAK GAK January 10, 2006
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To become very upset, worried, flip out or freak out.
My mom tweaked out when she heard about me and Kaleb.
by Ami December 18, 2002
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To tweak out is to loose control of your body, fall to the ground, and start making strange motions and noises(Not really passing out, just loose control with conciseness). Normally happens when large amounts of marijuana are in the body, the person attempts to stand and get a huge head rush, thus falls over. This can be strange seeing, but don't worry, pot can't kill ya :)
Woah dude, head rush... He mumbled as he stumbled and crashed on the book shelf. We all laughed as he tweak out on the ground.
by ismellit June 02, 2007
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