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the attitude of a complete twat, the kind of prick you end up fighting with in a night club.
the cunt came up to me with a rite twattitude, i felt compelled to greet him with a beating.
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 12, 2006
To display an attitude that transcends bitchiness but falls short of C word like behavior. Twattitude is commonly displayed by women (and effeminate men) in office environments. Symptoms include: unnessecary sarcasm, deliberate ineptitude, and douche bag like facial expressions.
Tina needs to retard her twattitude before she gets an upgrade to C-class.
by mongoose4342 October 04, 2007
An attitude belonging to a twat.
"You have such a bad Twattitude!"
by Charlesome January 20, 2016

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