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Expression intended to convey refusal to perform a menial task at anothers' behest.
Ben: go make the tea bitch.

Jimmy: hey Ben; nigger me not.
by Johngo December 16, 2011
small, pebbly, rusty-looking plops that havent been flushed and which resemble mucky old coins in a fountain.
look at how these bumcoppers have tarnished the surrounding toilet water and made it all rusty
by johngo August 06, 2011
To 'plolish' is to provide a tongue-driven dick polish. The lollishness of the word is intended to accentuate the licky nature of the act itself.
come over here marjorie and plolish me off!
by johngo August 18, 2011
when someones outlook crosses the line from simply 'bad', to 'upsetting' to 'upsettingly bad'. Thus there is only one explaination; BAD TWATTITUDE. (Bad attitude+general twattery)
Teacher: I sent Darren home yesterday for having a bad twattitude.
Darrens' mother: why was that?
Teacher: you should know you raised him you TWAT.
by johngo March 10, 2013
The great sadness one feels when a food that is in the fridge that smelled great a couple of days ago when it has turned to a not so pleasant smell before you have the chance eat the leftover.

Also applies to food that smelled great at a restaurant, but has now overwhelmed everything and knocks you down every time you open the fridge...
After the wonderful Italian meal on Friday night, she had serious smellancholy the next day when the garlic emanating from the fridge knocked her over.
by JohnGo April 10, 2014
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