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When the Wrist or indeed Hand becomes stiff or excessively limp due to large amounts of masturbation, usually occours in ugly, single men. see also Carpolitis
"whats that cast on your Wrist Simon?, It appears that you're suffering from Wankers cramp!"
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
often very fit girl from essex in england, many years ago were known as easy lays but due to people spreading this reputation they have all tightened up! well done you fucking idiots! However, it is still possible to lure them in with your nice car!
Lad: So what are you doing after here?
Essex girl: Going home
Lad: fancy coming for a spin in my cosworth?
Essex girl: Oh yes!
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
A syndrome developed when the Carpol bones (found in the wrist) become limp or stiff through over use. see also wankers cramp
I've been beating the meat so much lately that i think im getting Carpolitis!
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
the attitude of a complete twat, the kind of prick you end up fighting with in a night club.
the cunt came up to me with a rite twattitude, i felt compelled to greet him with a beating.
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 12, 2006
Derived from the "Bat Mobile" from Batman, used to discribe a piece of shit car, usually covered with stickers and other cheap and nasty modifications and being driven by the local little chav idiot.
"oh look it's fucking twatman in his twat mobile!"
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
An extremly load and painfull fart that feels like its nearly ripped your ring piece apart, usually occours after eating a vindaloo or other hot curry,
PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP! "for fuck sake Danny boy, that was a rip roaring ring stinger! are you ok mate?.....Dan?.....PHONE AN AMBULANCE!"
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
Another way of writing masturbater, usually used when texting people.
"no probs, c ya l8r mastab8r!"
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006

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