Derived from neutral common Twitter, people Twittering about various things.
When people are Twittering about typical feminin topics, it is called Twattering
This refers to a certain part of the feminin body known as "Twat"
As females tend to be proudly different, but as least as nice as men, theri social media skils differ a lot....
Girl Twatter: getting some lipstick to impress the #boys
Woman Twatter: Picking up some chocolate for TV night on the couch
Girl: broke up with #boyfriend cause he went out with his buddies
by HeinHenderson December 01, 2009
Person who uses and/or talks about using twitter excessively.
Jerry's a twatter, he always has iphone in hand and is constantly posting tweets.
by albalion March 04, 2009
twitter ho
Congressional twatters make more news on CNN
by K8northoakland February 28, 2009
Social networking service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates on their bowel movements (called "twats" or "shits").

Formerly known as Shitter, before the feature of sending multimedia twats was made available, and the daily limit of shits was increased from 100 to 1000.
Poon: Thanks to Twatter, I get to know not only when my friends take a dump, but also how the shit smelt like, its composition and occasionally, how it tasted!

Donna: I'm glad twats can be sent as text, images, video and audio! Personally, I film my whole defecation and post it for my friends. This occurs in excess of 600 times a day.
by Tomia Muset February 13, 2009
When a girl squats at your house and pays her rent with her twat.
That girl is such a Twatter. Does she ever pay any rent?
by piratemactster December 08, 2008
A social networking and microblogging service for the sending of "one to many" messages via SMS or a web interface.

Used by the kind of twats for whom blogs and Facebook status updates don't offer the sheer frequency of attention they crave.
Yah, I use Twatter all the time to stay "hyper-connected" to my friends. I'm a total addict - a real Twatterer!
by JonnyRoader July 30, 2008
Version of twitter for Christian boybands with purity rings and pubic hair that grows out of their cranium.
Joe Jonas: I don't use Twitter, I prefer Twatter.

Nick Jonas: But that's because you're gay...

Joe Jonas: Precisely.
by Mileycyrusluvsanal May 02, 2009
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