The midway point between twat and shitter
Rachel needs to shave her twatter.
by AuntJemimasIronSkillet October 12, 2010
A word used in anger when reffering to Twitter. This is a play on words combining "Twitter" and "twat."
"I swear, I get over 9000 fucking "Twatter" messages every second!"
by BioBrony May 11, 2013
Someone who spends excessive amounts of time sharing too much information (T.M.I) on Twitter.
Amy: Did you see Hermann's tweet about taking a monstrous shit the other day?

Dave: Yea, he's become such a twatter!
by kabaum December 21, 2011
one who is a twat on twitter
"Did you see steph's last tweet?"
"Yeah she's such a twatter"
by Chester The Molester 94 November 07, 2011
A flirty, sexual charged message or photo sent via twitter. Although a twatter may be delivered via text message, it should not be confused with sext.

verb uses:

twatter. twattering. twattered.
noun usage: "In May 2011, Rep. Anthony Weiner (Dem, NY) blamed 'hackers' for a twatter sent from his twitter account."

verb usage: "In May 2011, Rep. Anthony Weiner (Dem, NY) admitted to the lying, saying he twattered it, not a hacker."

conversation between dan and joe:

dan: "What are you doing, Joe?"

joe: "Kate just sent me a twatter..."

dan: "What is that, like a sext?"

joe: "Yes... but it come in from twitter, so it's a twatter..."

dan: "Oh. OK. Can I see?"

joe: "Uhh. No."

dan: silent

joe: "if i showed you, than you would see my 'representative', because I started it by twattering her."

dan: "Thanks for warning me. I don't want to see your Weiner."
by eee-rrr-iii-ccc June 08, 2011
A person who squats a Twitter name for resale.
I came up with the perfect Twitter handle but when I tried to register the name, I found out someone was squatting it just to sell. Damn twatter.
by entrepredude May 23, 2010
chatter over the online twitter social interface.
There was a lot of twatter on twitter today about the fate of the international celebrity who fell so suddenly ill.
by La Tatooie March 18, 2009

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