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A beautiful compassionate person that is fantastic in bed, loves with her whole heart and soul....would jump in front of a speeding bullet for her loved ones. Don't cross her or she will cut you. She has multiple personalities and is fun to be around. She is funny and scary with her ADHD brain and is the life of the party.
1) I'm so confused about that story, it's so Mikki
by twinbrain December 29, 2010
A beautiful bomb shell, she's usually short and her hair color usually ranges from one extream to another (bleach blonde-black)
Has basically all the guys whipped on her. She's beautiful and has some kind of marking on her body that makes her more unique from the rest.
Many girls envy her because of her beauty and her personality.
would basically do anything for anyone. and is amazing in bed.
by john doeeeee1 March 01, 2011
Mikki is the very embodiment of perfection, her timeless beauty would humble that of Cleopatra herself, never fading as these years pass. I see her the same now as I did so many years ago. She is the most selfless person you will ever meet, always making those around her feel as if they were cut from royal cloth, and never seeking a return from such efforts. She will make you a better person, striving to live cleanly, simply, and drawing the marrow of life itself. She is sexy beyond your wildest dreams, and will forever be your wildest dreams. Redefining your definition of love and lust. You will forever steer a course to her….Mikki
Mikki's timeless beauty can never be forgotten, nor matched....She is perfect.
by Silent Protest June 23, 2014
a mouse. A nicer, cuter way to say mouse.
1. The other day when i walked by the small trash can, i looked inside and there was a mikki in it.

2. Monica: ahh i can't go to sleep mom, there is a mikki in my bed!

3. How could something so damn small be so damn smart?

4. I guarantee you, that 75% of the people that read this, have a mikki in their house watching them. Probably waiting for you to drop some food or leave your meal on the table,so it can eat it after you leave.

5. Where the fuck did half of my meal go?
by a1987 December 10, 2006
when one splooges in a girls belly button, and the splooger takes the secretion from the belly button on the tip of his finger, and gives the girl a wet willy with it
that girl was such a slut, she let me mikki her.
by soco1 September 28, 2006
Stupid, anorexic, bitch, know it all, liar, lives in a fantasy and doesnt know when to finally wake up, thinks shes pretty. Mikki is usually a female that has golden wavy locks of hair with a dash of brown. Mikki is not good at keeping a secret, so don't trust her. Micki, Mickey , Miki, Mhiki, etc are very different, so don't get they same sounding names mixed up! Mikki is also another word for dick, or "jock"~,
by heyheyhey999 December 06, 2010
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