A hott ass female that would "do in a bind".
A. "Damn! There's turkey all around us! GOBBLE GOBBLE!"
B. "That chick at the counter is a definite turkey."
by ruffleZ` July 28, 2009
some1 wiv a big arse and thighs would be called a turkey
mrs McOmish who works in gracemount high skool is a turkey
by xx-just moi-xx March 15, 2007
Rubbing your hands over your sweaty ballsack and proceeding to slap someone in the face with it.
Me: (My balls are sweaty...I'm gunna go turkey dan)
Dan: "Dude, why did you slap me...oh...you son of a bitch!"
by BrieflyStated17 December 20, 2006
A term used to describe a girl (usually a teenage girl) who talks loudly, is constantly going about explaining things no one cares about, and gobbles about annoyingly.

Never really realizes she's being annoying.
Turkey: oh my GOD! Did you see what Jennifer Lopez was wearing on the red carpet. SO nasty!

Everyone else: *rolls eyes*
by Lisa-A March 30, 2011
an ugly bird traditionally eaten on thanksgiving.
"I like a bit of turkey"
by Jesus April 22, 2003
An experience that is easy going, mellow, or light in stress. Making an action seem easy, or effortless.
"Dude, that test was so turkey. I'm gonna ace it for sure."
"Work's been turkey. I've been getting out at 5:00 everyday."
"Watch me turkey this twelve stair."
by brandondinosaur September 28, 2009
A complete and utter lie. If listened to carefully, a slight gobble can be heard in the liar's voice.
What is this Thanksgiving, with all that turkey you're giving me??!!
by Raetim February 09, 2009
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