An experience that is easy going, mellow, or light in stress. Making an action seem easy, or effortless.
"Dude, that test was so turkey. I'm gonna ace it for sure."
"Work's been turkey. I've been getting out at 5:00 everyday."
"Watch me turkey this twelve stair."
by brandondinosaur September 28, 2009
A complete and utter lie. If listened to carefully, a slight gobble can be heard in the liar's voice.
What is this Thanksgiving, with all that turkey you're giving me??!!
by Raetim February 09, 2009
A pompous stuffed shirt. A blowhard. Generally ignorant and overweight.
That congressman was a turkey, totally out of touch with his constituants and ignorant of both domestic and foreign policy.
by Carey T Schug February 16, 2009
an ugly bird traditionally eaten on thanksgiving.
"I like a bit of turkey"
by Jesus April 22, 2003
A game that can be played by male or female of any sexual preference. Bascically to eat ones ass.
Joe and Tim often play Turkey. Joe squats and Tim gobbles.
by 31Mess July 31, 2009
A term popularized by the infamous "Anti-drug" Ninja Turtle advertisement.
"I'm not a chicken- you're a turkey!" is the only known usage of the word.
by Derangon May 21, 2004
A movie or album that had lackluster sales and is wack.
Swept Away was a complete turkey.

Blood In My Eye had some good beats, otherwise it's a turkey ass record.
by Omega Death December 05, 2003

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