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AKA "The Dark Honey Hole." The tunnel between a females legs, leading to eternal happiness. Always dark except for during pelvic exams, the honey hole is a favorite of many men.
Don't stick your face in her honey hole!
#honey hole #dark honey hole #vagina #pussy #clit
by CrazyBob62 July 23, 2006
An sensationably erratic monkey that upon will, explodingly emits from ones anus. A great deal of straining is required to make this magnificent creature leave its home and expel from its cave. Ineffective attempts to expel an anal dwelling butt monkey can produce the commonly known problem called hemorrhoids.
"Man he bent over to fart and out popped an anal dwelling butt monkey!"
#anal dwelling butt monkey #sea donkey #fat bottomed girls #beached whale #wildebeast
by CrazyBob62 May 13, 2006
Little monster in a womans clit that when he is irritated, screams, cackles, coughs, and sighs, causing a sometimes ENORMOUS expulsion of air called a queef. If he isn't washed regularly, you begin to smell his bad breath.
Damn man, did you hear that queef goblin from up in her?
#queef #queef goblin #pussy fart #fart #gas
by CrazyBob62 July 23, 2006
A robustly large female who retains everything, not just water, I mean EVERYTHING! A close relative to the sea donkey and the wombat, the water retaining sea cow moves with a shuffling gait, ambling along to her destination.
"I was walking down the road when this water retaining sea cow cut in front of me at the donut hut!"
#water retaining sea cow #sea donkey #whale #wombat #wildebeast
by CrazyBob62 May 13, 2006
A increadibly idiotic individual who hasn't a sustance for anything that is going on. He or she is stupid, retarded, mental, ignorant, annoying, funny to make fun of, or any combination of the previous terms.
"Look at that braindead fool!"
#corndodger #braindead #idiot #retard #mental
by CrazyBob62 May 10, 2006
A toothless wonder is an individual in the public who is lacking a single front tooth. This person obvious doesn't care about their dental appearance because if they did, they would have stayed hidden indoors and taken care of this problem long before anyone saw it. Also, when you talk to these people, if you make cracks about dental issues, they don't realize you're talking about them!
"Hey dude, did you see that toothless wonder walking by?" "Naah, man, that's not a toothless wonder, he just got the shat kicked outta him, that's all!"
#toothless #mouth #gum #teeth #tooth
by CrazyBob62 May 10, 2006
Not to be mistaken with Trinklet, a turdlet is a wee bit larger than a trinklet. Usually seen as the "Lone Floater" in the commoded ocean. Also, usually this piece of fecal matter is more susceptable to being flushed on the initial dump cycle.
"Hey man, Don't let the turdlet get caught in your cheeks!"
#turdlet #trinklet #dinkleberry #dingleberry #nuglet
by CrazyBob62 April 26, 2006
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