The object of desire of a turd burglar.
Fags and lesbians like to reach up into each other's butts in hopes of pulling out a fine turd.
by Little Deby Big Boobs May 30, 2005
big , fat, smelly shit thats bein launched outta sum1s arsehole!
ewww dude u stepped in turd!
by pete May 21, 2003
Turd is an acronym for Toyota Urban Racing Development. Toyota was all set to stamp TURD on the side of their trucks in an attempt to make trucks more appealing to city dwellers, hence urban and racing being part of the logo. Just prior to shipping the trucks to the US Toyota learned what turd ment in english, so now their trucks are stamped TRD. Urban has been left out.
Hey did you see that new Toyota truck? It's a TURD!
by froolap April 16, 2010
In Ireland (colloquial) , follows first and second.
As in speaking of a race; "Mick was first, Seamus was second, and Sean there came in came Turd"
by John Harworth March 27, 2007
brown thing that float im my toilet kinda like a monkey versoin of shit
look at dem turds expecially that big one
by PlayDohMan April 26, 2004
One link of shit or a person that is a loser.
I stepped on one of the dog's turds.

Matthew is such a turd!
by jwaK November 06, 2008
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