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your exile from the rest of the world

your biggest but probably best mistake
Everyone else went to midtown. I went on tumblr.
by get_away_ March 17, 2013
The end of your social life which must never be spoken of in public.
Todd: Dude, tumblr is, like, so cool!
Secret agent: Todd, I have to kill you now.
by battleofnunez January 08, 2013
A blog site where faggots like to look at other pictures of faggots and stroke their tiny shaft with their tiny feminine hands.
Obi wan: Anakin spends all his time on tumblr
Yoda: Hmmm, a faggot he is. 4chan if real man, he was. Jedi, he will never become.
by vvvv225566 November 16, 2011
residence of faggotry
That faggot belongs on tumblr.
by jakowak123 May 29, 2011
1.A website with two sides: the hipster blogs, which aren't that interesting, and the fandoms. The fandom side of Tumblr tends to be the most popular side because it's just weird. Just plain disturbing.
2. Go on Google Translate and type in "tumblr." Translate it into Irish and then translate the Irish into English. There you go.
What did you do last night?
Oh, I just went on Tumblr.
Last time I went on there, I posted a quote from 50 Shades Of Gray. No-one got freaked out, they just posted a GIF from Supernatural.
by vickachu August 16, 2014
(adjective); a word to describe a picture.

synonym: hipster
Mary: Did you see that picture that Victoria posted on instagram? It is so tumblr.
Gabriella: Yaass I saw it. I wish i could take a picture and have it come out as tumblr
by fmspanda May 17, 2014
Is a magical place that will suck the life out of you. Everyone who has tumblr either hates hipsters or is one.

There our many sides of tumblr..
-The hipster side (you might want to stay away from there)
-The punk/emo side
-The depressed side
-the funny side
-the cat posting side
-the band side
-the porn side

There are many more to discover. If you get a tumblr be prepared to lose all social life, tumblr people are weird hilarious sarcastic and amazing. You will never sleep again
Non-Tumblr user: Heyy, what happened to you? You used to be cool...
Tumblr user: Tumblr changed me

Tumblr user: I should probably sleep now
Tumblr user: nah
by rah? October 15, 2013