World's first digital insane asylum.
Ever since the creation of Tumblr, insane asylum populations all across the globe are in decline.
by top sweg August 29, 2014
A simple and addictive blogging medium used by people of varying ages to share content, mostly text and photos. Unlike sites such as LiveJournal, YouTube, WordPress or Facebook, Tumblr is completely uncensored with very little moderation, enabling its users to post virtually anything they have, whether it be violent, pornographic, copyrighted, or unintelligent.

Tumblr consists of over 300 million blogs, all of which can be categorized under several different styles, most commonly fashion, fandom, photography, art, humour and personality.

Although anyone can join Tumblr, its user base is probably made up mostly of people aged between 14-25, making life in high school and university a common topic among its users.

Users with large bodies of followers on the site may feel inclined to create custom URLs that don't contain the Tumblr brand, and turn their blogs into cash generating assets with the help of Google Adsense. Under the same circumstances, some bloggers may find that they can't handle the pressure of a large following, and deactivate their accounts as a result.

In 2012, Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo! but the site did not undergo any major changes as a result of this.
Non-user: What's that site you're always on?
User: Tumblr.
Non-user: Should I make one?
User: If you want.
Non-user: Will you follow me?
User: If your blog is any good, probably.
Non-user: Okay.
by duvvid October 11, 2013
Terrifying and fabulous at the same time.
Tumblr is terrifying and fabulous at the same time, but never question it.
by Roninjuh June 01, 2013
The end of your social life which must never be spoken of in public.
Todd: Dude, tumblr is, like, so cool!
Secret agent: Todd, I have to kill you now.
by battleofnunez January 08, 2013
A magical place that most people think is girly. There are actually 4 parts of tumblr:

1.) hipsters
2.) fangirls
3.) musicians
3.5.) francieum
4.) fandoms/real tumblr
In Tumblr, you can't even. Even if you can, you can't.
You have to understand who francieum is to understand Tumblr.
by zoetheska October 26, 2012
A website, a place, and a language.
"I was up all night on Tumblr reblogging pictures of tea."

"Oh my God! Bob! I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been?"

Bob: "Tumblr."
A language that is sometimes used in the real world. Which results in confusion, because it's like sarcasm, but doesn't make any sense. Or it's just a scramble of random letters.

"What the actual fuck?"
"Wat is this I don't even"
by aeb October 05, 2012
Fucking Narnia
Derp: Where were you?
Derpette: In Narnia
Derp: On Tumblr again aye?
Derpette: Yep
by LeeshaLauren February 14, 2012

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