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A website, a place, and a language.
"I was up all night on Tumblr reblogging pictures of tea."

"Oh my God! Bob! I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been?"

Bob: "Tumblr."
A language that is sometimes used in the real world. Which results in confusion, because it's like sarcasm, but doesn't make any sense. Or it's just a scramble of random letters.

"What the actual fuck?"
"Wat is this I don't even"
by aeb October 05, 2012
Stands for (National Rugby League) and is the Rugby League comp in Australia and NZ. Played and watched by normal people and is the most strongest and most competitive game in the world with real action not like pussy-ass mele's in AFL which rewards failure. Get a Life: Get into NRL
Trent is a real man he is so good at nrl unlike jase who play's AFL, eh what a faggot!
by AEB June 26, 2007

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