n. A website where users promote fanatical, extremist, and hateful ideas and positions while veiling themselves as victims of similar things to justify their hypocrisy.

n. That website where your all your favorite deviant art artists disappeared to, to promote their art while also laughing at funny gif captions their friends posted.
Joe: did you see that captioned gif on tumblr? it's so funny!
by Parasaw January 21, 2015
Ground zero for today's over political correctness around the world.
Is your 14 year old daughter suddenly a feminist and hates white-cis-men? Talks about how you can't joke about race/sex/gender because it's not right? Believes women are the supreme beings of the universe but demands equality at the same time? Says that only black people are allowed to wear dread locks because otherwise it's cultural appropriation? Every time Cinco De Mayo comes around she says it's racist to eat tacos that day?

That's tumblr.
by shitlord420blazem8 January 06, 2015
A simple and addictive blogging medium used by people of varying ages to share content, mostly text and photos. Unlike sites such as LiveJournal, YouTube, WordPress or Facebook, Tumblr is completely uncensored with very little moderation, enabling its users to post virtually anything they have, whether it be violent, pornographic, copyrighted, or unintelligent.

Tumblr consists of over 300 million blogs, all of which can be categorized under several different styles, most commonly fashion, fandom, photography, art, humour and personality.

Although anyone can join Tumblr, its user base is probably made up mostly of people aged between 14-25, making life in high school and university a common topic among its users.

Users with large bodies of followers on the site may feel inclined to create custom URLs that don't contain the Tumblr brand, and turn their blogs into cash generating assets with the help of Google Adsense. Under the same circumstances, some bloggers may find that they can't handle the pressure of a large following, and deactivate their accounts as a result.

In 2012, Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo! but the site did not undergo any major changes as a result of this.
Non-user: What's that site you're always on?
User: Tumblr.
Non-user: Should I make one?
User: If you want.
Non-user: Will you follow me?
User: If your blog is any good, probably.
Non-user: Okay.
by duvvid October 11, 2013
a place where peasants steal shoelaces from the president
peasant: i like your shoelaces
me: thanks, i stole them from the president.
peasant: w0w, what's your tumblr
by eyesolating June 26, 2013
The online meeting place for both liberal and conservative radicals, though the liberal ones are more common. Both groups pollute an otherwise decent website with dumbass statements like "Kill all teh men!" or "Rape isnt that bad, Jesus even said so!"
Tumblr: You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Radicals of any kind make Tumblr kinda suck sometimes.
by HolyProphetOfTruth November 19, 2014
(adjective); a word to describe a picture.

synonym: hipster
Mary: Did you see that picture that Victoria posted on instagram? It is so tumblr.
Gabriella: Yaass I saw it. I wish i could take a picture and have it come out as tumblr
by fmspanda May 17, 2014
Is a magical place that will suck the life out of you. Everyone who has tumblr either hates hipsters or is one.

There our many sides of tumblr..
-The hipster side (you might want to stay away from there)
-The punk/emo side
-The depressed side
-the funny side
-the cat posting side
-the band side
-the porn side

There are many more to discover. If you get a tumblr be prepared to lose all social life, tumblr people are weird hilarious sarcastic and amazing. You will never sleep again
Non-Tumblr user: Heyy, what happened to you? You used to be cool...
Tumblr user: Tumblr changed me

Tumblr user: I should probably sleep now
Tumblr user: nah
by rah? October 15, 2013

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