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World's first digital insane asylum.
Ever since the creation of Tumblr, insane asylum populations all across the globe are in decline.
by top sweg August 29, 2014
Tumblr- a place where anyone can go to and feel at home.

-We have 3 very nice sections that we can fit you in.
There's the Hipster blogs, the Fangirl blogs, and last but certainly not least there's the Fandom blogs.
I was on tumblr today and the hipsters were at it again. Covering my dash.
by owilson32 August 12, 2014
A simple and addictive blogging medium used by people of varying ages to share content, mostly text and photos. Unlike sites such as LiveJournal, YouTube, WordPress or Facebook, Tumblr is completely uncensored with very little moderation, enabling its users to post virtually anything they have, whether it be violent, pornographic, copyrighted, or unintelligent.

Tumblr consists of over 300 million blogs, all of which can be categorized under several different styles, most commonly fashion, fandom, photography, art, humour and personality.

Although anyone can join Tumblr, its user base is probably made up mostly of people aged between 14-25, making life in high school and university a common topic among its users.

Users with large bodies of followers on the site may feel inclined to create custom URLs that don't contain the Tumblr brand, and turn their blogs into cash generating assets with the help of Google Adsense. Under the same circumstances, some bloggers may find that they can't handle the pressure of a large following, and deactivate their accounts as a result.

In 2012, Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo! but the site did not undergo any major changes as a result of this.
Non-user: What's that site you're always on?
User: Tumblr.
Non-user: Should I make one?
User: If you want.
Non-user: Will you follow me?
User: If your blog is any good, probably.
Non-user: Okay.
by duvvid October 11, 2013
haha you're screwed
"Lisa go get a breath of fresh air or something, yeah?"
"okay mom." *reblogs picture of tree."

all hail Tumblr.
by i'm on tumblr rn June 30, 2013
a place where peasants steal shoelaces from the president
peasant: i like your shoelaces
me: thanks, i stole them from the president.
peasant: w0w, what's your tumblr
by eyesolating June 26, 2013
one of the most addicting things in the universe. much better than facebook, which is filled with attention seekers and like whores. it is something you can post what you like and there will be people extremely similar to you.
person 1: are you still on tumblr!
person 2: ive been on for days!

person 2: why are you on facebook, tumblrs so much better.
person 1: just watching the attention seekers and like whores.
by me forever June 22, 2013
A mystical place originally created for sharing pretty pictures. Now, it is overrun with fandom blogs run by (usually) teenage girls obsessed with fictional characters and actors old enough to be their fathers. This website also serves as a place for people to share their complete and utter apathy towards everything. Lastly, some people go on tumblr to pose serious philosophical questions. (Examples: Does bread care what kind of a sandwich you make it into? What if birds aren't singing and their screaming because they're afraid of heights? What if nipples grow faces when you're asleep and when you wake up in the middle of the night it's because they were talking too loudly?)
Normal Person: Oh, yeah, I have a tumblr!
Fangirling Blogger: There are people who have a tumblr, and people who HAVE A TUMBLR.
by Benadryl Cabbagepatch May 23, 2013