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A place where you are more afraid of people you know in real life finding you on the internet than you are of people on the internet finding you in real life
Me on Facebook: No, that's just too personal to post.

Me on Tumblr: Hey so, you guys wanna know my bloodtype?
by heartofglass June 25, 2014
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(adjective); a word to describe a picture.

synonym: hipster
Mary: Did you see that picture that Victoria posted on instagram? It is so tumblr.
Gabriella: Yaass I saw it. I wish i could take a picture and have it come out as tumblr
by fmspanda May 17, 2014
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A website were you can have your own blog about any topic you like. It is honestly the best website ever. You can have followers and talk to them and ask annonymous questions. You have a choice of either posting a picture, gif, a quote, video, etc. Alot of people use it. Follow any famous celebs.
Jenna: What's your favorite Tumblr blog?
me: The-the-eminem-show
Jenna: I love that one !
by shitshitshit March 24, 2014
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Yeah, you know pineapples?

It's nothing like that.
Man, Tumblr took my life...
by 7h3474 December 04, 2013
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residence of faggotry
That faggot belongs on tumblr.
by jakowak123 May 29, 2011
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the most awsomeist website ever
person1-Yo man get on facebook
person2- na im on tumblr
by jade love February 20, 2014
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a place where peasants steal shoelaces from the president
peasant: i like your shoelaces
me: thanks, i stole them from the president.
peasant: w0w, what's your tumblr
by eyesolating June 26, 2013
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