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The single largest congregation of faggots on the internet.
"Hey man, I went on Tumblr for the first time today!"
"I had no idea how much of a faggot you are"
by Mr. Brevik April 07, 2013
The end of your social life which must never be spoken of in public.
Todd: Dude, tumblr is, like, so cool!
Secret agent: Todd, I have to kill you now.
by battleofnunez January 08, 2013
The reason for the 75% increase of faggotry on the internet( it was bad enough YouTube) A pointless site full of super judge mental people that will criticize you for not liking what they like or agreeing with them. Turns people into snobs. However an awesome source for porn tho.
Example 1
Dear lord look at all the faggotry on Andrew's Tumblr. It's full of pokemon stuff, serious cases of whiteknighting, and cheesy shit like "i want to cuddle and listen to pop-punk".

Example 2

James: Dude Tumblr totally changed Kristina.

Nick: How so?

James: She acts super high and mighty now that she's got like 130 followers and gets super bitchy

Example 3

Casey: Bro I need some new porn sites that aren't apparent in my browser and won't get me a shitload of viruses

Matt: Just go to Tumblr. So much good stuff. I beat myself like a red-headed stepson all day everyday now. 0 Fucks Given!!!

Casey: AWESOME!!!!!

Example 4

Ryan:Dude some guy just bitched me out on Tumblr because I like Bring Me The Horizon and told me to listen to gay hipster shit like Defeater and Have Heart

Cody: Yeah this girl bitched me out for not supporting the occupy wall street movement even after I tried to explain her my reasons why
by SolarFlareSuperior November 26, 2011
What a hipster does when they fall down stairs
I was at school earlier, and this guy wear a mustard yellow head band fell down the stairs and tumblred the whole way
by Fitzi the god November 30, 2013
your exile from the rest of the world

your biggest but probably best mistake
Everyone else went to midtown. I went on tumblr.
by get_away_ March 17, 2013
a blogging website where you can post images text quotes audio and video. You can follow people's tumblr's and see their posts on your "dashboard." which is like a homepage. You can tag your posts, so others can search them. You can like their posts or reblog them, so they show up on your blog. You can search for blogs to follow by categories. You can edit the appearance of your tumblr with different themes and custom appearance settings.
by amandaxxo October 15, 2011
A place on the internet where pretentious try-hards who think that they are smarter than everyone else just because they watch Dr. Who gather to brag about how "nerdy" they are because they play Pokemon. The people on this site also love to claim that they are bisexual or have a mental disorder so that they can get attention.
Tumblr user 1: I'm bisexual and I hate society! ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Tumblr user 2: I play Pokemon and watch Attack on Titan and My Little Pony and Dr. Who; I’m such a nerd! Haha nerds for life! XD ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Tumblr user 3: Guys, I think I have OCD and aspergers! These mental disorders that I diagnosed myself with make me different and special, so DON’T JUDGE ME! ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
by dynomioshin June 17, 2014