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Amazing website that wizards use. It makes dreams come true, and hours pass by in seconds. It's like narnia. It's highly addictive, but you'lll love every minute of being on it. Only cool people have it. It makes complete strangers become friends. Make you love people you don't know. Best website ever. Deal with it.
Random girl:" I like nutella, Harry Potter, food, Glee, Darren Criss, fashion, and I hate facebook."
Tumblr girl:" You'd love tumblr"
by eaz123 August 11, 2011
What a hipster does when they fall down stairs
I was at school earlier, and this guy wear a mustard yellow head band fell down the stairs and tumblred the whole way
by Fitzi the god November 30, 2013
Best website ever created. A replacement for a boyfriend.
I've been going to bed really late all week, because I've been on tumblr.

Katie: Oh I love Brandon so much!

Tumblr user: I don't need a boyfriend. I just need food and tumblr.
by sammmy5674 January 17, 2012
Tumblr can't be described.It's like Wonderland. When you make a tumblr you are feeling alone.But then you find pictures.And funny posts.And beautiful themes.And nice people who don't have Facebook!
Matt: Do you have Facebook?
Madison:What did you say? I'm sorry but I can't hear you. I have a party on Tumblr.
by AnotherTumblrUser September 13, 2011
A website for people who can't understand that not everyone is a special snowflake.
Tween white girl: "Oh man, I don't get enough attention at school. I should start a Tumblr, NOBODY ever does that!"
by kingofsquid July 07, 2014
Where really high people at 2 am post stuff that boggles your mind. Tumblr is definitely not your type of thing to go to if you question your existence a lot.
Dude what if inside your nipples was another universe

Tumblr at 2 am
by TurtleCactus October 08, 2013
Do you have no self confidence and watch anime?
Well, Tumblr is for you.
I am not held responsible for the deterioration of your social life.
Hey, I saw your post on Tumblr! USxUK is my otp!!!!
by apocalypseArisen December 05, 2012