Where really high people at 2 am post stuff that boggles your mind. Tumblr is definitely not your type of thing to go to if you question your existence a lot.
Dude what if inside your nipples was another universe

Tumblr at 2 am
by TurtleCactus October 08, 2013
Irony in its finest form.

Hipsters' version of a blogging website that initially claimed 'originality' & 'self expression', when in reality everyone is all the same.

Everyone( teen girls, gay guys & misguided souls) blogs the same Hipster-esque("unique") photos, music, tv shows, bullshit quotes and wants and needs.

Tumblr users constantly complain about their cushy first world lives and apparent emotional/mental problems to the point where their meaningless problems have them very openly contemplating "suicide".

If we are lucky these fuckers will eventually kill themselves and this godforsaken website will have no choice but to join myspace in the ruins.
How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

- 3. One to screw it in, the other to bitch about how they liked the old lightbulb better and the third to take artsy photos for their tumblr.
by IspeakofTHETRUTH December 13, 2011
The reason for the 75% increase of faggotry on the internet( it was bad enough YouTube) A pointless site full of super judge mental people that will criticize you for not liking what they like or agreeing with them. Turns people into snobs. However an awesome source for porn tho.
Example 1
Dear lord look at all the faggotry on Andrew's Tumblr. It's full of pokemon stuff, serious cases of whiteknighting, and cheesy shit like "i want to cuddle and listen to pop-punk".

Example 2

James: Dude Tumblr totally changed Kristina.

Nick: How so?

James: She acts super high and mighty now that she's got like 130 followers and gets super bitchy

Example 3

Casey: Bro I need some new porn sites that aren't apparent in my browser and won't get me a shitload of viruses

Matt: Just go to Tumblr. So much good stuff. I beat myself like a red-headed stepson all day everyday now. 0 Fucks Given!!!

Casey: AWESOME!!!!!

Example 4

Ryan:Dude some guy just bitched me out on Tumblr because I like Bring Me The Horizon and told me to listen to gay hipster shit like Defeater and Have Heart

Cody: Yeah this girl bitched me out for not supporting the occupy wall street movement even after I tried to explain her my reasons why
by SolarFlareSuperior November 26, 2011
Mostly known by the general public because of "hipsters" and it's also where "planking" began.

Tumblr is the most amazing website, designed to bring lovely people together. Those who had tumblr before it was cool will know that it is "the easiest way to blog" and the most incredible website ever known to man, woman, animal, etc.

So basically, on tumblr, you follow people and I guess you want people to follow you. Then on your dashboard you see everything that everyone you follow posts. You can then "heart" or "reblog" a post that you think is rad. Reblogging will put the post onto your blog. And giving it a "heart" makes it go into a little section called "liked posts" which is pretty much a collection of the greatest things you've ever discovered on this site. However, nobody but you can see this collection.

Tumblr will either:
A. Ruin your social life, school work, friends, family relations, sexual relationships and even relationships with pets. (Take over your life)
B. Make you feel horrible about your body because your bones don't stick out enough.
C. Annoy the heck out of you because you can't figure out to use it.
D. Be the best thing that ever happened to you.

OR all or a combination of the options.
"I really love tumblr but I can't stop going on it. I'd rather look at pictures of cats then play with my real life cat, so my cat gets angry at me. "
by frazbox00 August 18, 2011
Where people who are born without a stick up their ass develop one.
He spent so much time on tumblr that he acts as if he had a stick up his anus.
by PsychodelicGOO December 13, 2014
The easiest blog hosting site to manage on the web where you meet great people, fellow Losties, hispsters, and more. We use tumblr slang that may throw off the non believers who have no business being there. Also, we tend to express ourselves through hilarious GIFS that may look obnoxious to outsiders. Essentially, Tumblr is the 2nd best place after Hogwarts that only asks you to give up sleeping, a social life, and your soul before you can be graced by it's awesomness. It's not for everyone.
Person 1: Don't you have a social life?

Person 2: Uh no, I have a Tumblr!!

Person 1: Hey, what's your social status?

by lostieforlife August 12, 2011
residence of faggotry
That faggot belongs on tumblr.
by jakowak123 May 29, 2011

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