A popular social media website. Much like King Midas, Tumblr has the power to, rather than to turn everything it touches into gold, it turns it into the worst possible outcome. Tumblr is well known for the unintentional creation of Tumblr feminism, which is well credited for ruining the image of feminism.
Girl:"Hey I just got a tumblr"

Feminist on Tumblr: "Make sure to favorite my post about #endfathersday"
by Riley Freemen October 03, 2014
The website where all of the attention-seeking feminist land whales go to make themselves feel good. On Tumblr, having autism is normal. On Tumblr, it's okay to be 200 pounds overweight, because everybody else is, too.
Tumblr land whale: Omfg, 4chan just raided my blog!!! D::::
by Angelic Pudding July 16, 2014
A region of the internet where self-loathing, sexually frustrated beings gravitate in order to vent themselves through pictures and porn in order to receive pity disguised as a "reblog" button. Most inhabitants displaying sexual frustration are Filipino and Vietnamese, probably due to ancestral tracts.
"Bro, I'm on Tumblr forever." " Dude, how much porn?!"

He was nonchalantly on Tumblr, however that in itself is a logical fallacy due to the attention nazism of the site itself.
by TumblrUser. August 18, 2011
At first tumblr seems like a very accepting community, but do not be fooled they are one of the most hateful community that guilt trips to feel pity for them or reblog their post often by saying "if you dont reblog this your a monster". They often self diagnose themselves using webMD and believe that seeing a professional psychologist is ineffective because they dont know how to deal with the mind. Be wary that some actually seen a professional and not just quizilla. Tumblr supports many genders, sexualities, unless your white, well off or upper class, male cis, happy and satisfied with your life, and use other social media sites.

lets move onto fandoms( NOTE YOU CAN ENJOY THESE THING WHILE NOT BEING AN EXAMPLE OF THE EXAMPLES ARE THESE ARE BASED ON WHAT A MAJORITY OF THE FANS ARE LIKE). Fandoms are a community fans of a particular thing (homestuck, harry potter, etc...) they are very very very strange

(Example) this fandom sucks

Homestuck : hehe yeah

Superwholock : what the fuck did you say, we are not to be made fun of, we can summon demons, travel through time, kill you and make it look like an accident, and blah blah blah gif for everything

(Example) I ship/pair (insert unliked or underrated pairing here/straight ship here)

(Like literally every fandom) sends hate anon on or off

( Hetalia 1) um you misspelled UkUs/rages into piss fit

(Hetalia2) what, really, you too

(Example) I dont ship (one of the popular ships)

(Every single fandom) sends anon hate
Tumblr is a toxic hate filled environment that says they love and respect every and are insensitive sensitive jerks with the feels. It also brings down your mood. Seriously, dont do tumblr. Also their staff is literal shit
by Miaou February 28, 2015
A site that a teenager joins to express themselves or whatever, which turns out to be a cult joined by half our generation. Symptoms of long exposure to Tumblr may include: loss of old personality, twisted and harmful social views, speaking only in sentences read from Tumblr posts, trans extremist beliefs, insomnia and identifying as a polyromantic trisexual furrykin.
Person 1: So, this is the female reproductive system--
Person 1: Oh, I'm guessing you have a Tumblr.
by iKnowWhATaFwysheIs May 10, 2015
Tumblr is a place where everyone sold their soul to Satan when we didn't read the Terms of Agreement.

Tumblr is filled with the following:
~Harry Potter fandom
~Sherlock fandom
~Doctor Who fandom
~Supernatural fandom
~Homestuck fandom
~pretty girls
~LGBT supporters
~music freaks
~depressed people
~obsession with Canada
~obsession with England/Britain/UK
~arguments between American users and British users about the meanings of words
~hedgehog gifs
~lonely people with no lives
~pictures with song lyrics on them
~Avengers fandom
~Star Trek fandom
~obsession with Robert Downey Jr.
~anon hate
~anon love
~personal posts
~posts that were probably posted at 3AM that question the meaning of life
~outer space
~the insane
~paradoxes in posts
~major sleep deprivation

If tumblr people actually left their computers for the real world, we'd probably invent something insanely awesome.
Friend: What is tumblr anyways?
Me: lifecatsmusicbandshipstersfandomsomg<3
Friend: okay then....
by awkotacokitty-rawr July 24, 2013
residence of faggotry
That faggot belongs on tumblr.
by jakowak123 May 29, 2011
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