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A website, a place, and a language.
"I was up all night on Tumblr reblogging pictures of tea."

"Oh my God! Bob! I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been?"

Bob: "Tumblr."
A language that is sometimes used in the real world. Which results in confusion, because it's like sarcasm, but doesn't make any sense. Or it's just a scramble of random letters.

"What the actual fuck?"
"Wat is this I don't even"
by aeb October 05, 2012
The reason for the 75% increase of faggotry on the internet( it was bad enough YouTube) A pointless site full of super judge mental people that will criticize you for not liking what they like or agreeing with them. Turns people into snobs. However an awesome source for porn tho.
Example 1
Dear lord look at all the faggotry on Andrew's Tumblr. It's full of pokemon stuff, serious cases of whiteknighting, and cheesy shit like "i want to cuddle and listen to pop-punk".

Example 2

James: Dude Tumblr totally changed Kristina.

Nick: How so?

James: She acts super high and mighty now that she's got like 130 followers and gets super bitchy

Example 3

Casey: Bro I need some new porn sites that aren't apparent in my browser and won't get me a shitload of viruses

Matt: Just go to Tumblr. So much good stuff. I beat myself like a red-headed stepson all day everyday now. 0 Fucks Given!!!

Casey: AWESOME!!!!!

Example 4

Ryan:Dude some guy just bitched me out on Tumblr because I like Bring Me The Horizon and told me to listen to gay hipster shit like Defeater and Have Heart

Cody: Yeah this girl bitched me out for not supporting the occupy wall street movement even after I tried to explain her my reasons why
by SolarFlareSuperior November 26, 2011
See cancer. A malignant tumor on the Internet that is solely based around spreading the same post. The Internet will die once tumblr reaches it's lymph nodes.
Ex. 1
Man 1: did you see that post on tumblr?
Man 2: only a thousand times, yeah.

Ex. 2
Man 1: the doctor says I have life threatening tumblr.
Man 2: you mean cancer?
Man 1: that's what I said.
by Vincere August 26, 2014
A website for people who can't understand that not everyone is a special snowflake.
Tween white girl: "Oh man, I don't get enough attention at school. I should start a Tumblr, NOBODY ever does that!"
by kingofsquid July 07, 2014
Terrifying and fabulous at the same time.
Tumblr is terrifying and fabulous at the same time, but never question it.
by Roninjuh June 01, 2013
Tumblr is a blogging site that is divided into two main factions. The hipster side and the fandom side.

The hipster side is riddled with your average hipster, blogging with pictures of nebulas with song lyrics, or posting pictures of "hipster" fasion.

The fandom side is however, the side you want to be on. It is filled with fangirls and fanboys, and people who never sleep. They'll be nice to you, and help you with depression if you ask for it. There are many roleplaying blogs and ask blogs here that have great admins.
Note: If you ever send hate to anybody on Tumblr they will viciously attack making you regret it. Everyone will try and find out who you are if you're on anon, and if they do find out who you are you will probably be bombarded by hate.
by Sun Bear December 17, 2012
A magical place that most people think is girly. There are actually 4 parts of tumblr:

1.) hipsters
2.) fangirls
3.) musicians
3.5.) francieum
4.) fandoms/real tumblr
In Tumblr, you can't even. Even if you can, you can't.
You have to understand who francieum is to understand Tumblr.
by zoetheska October 26, 2012