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Irony in its finest form.

Hipsters' version of a blogging website that initially claimed 'originality' & 'self expression', when in reality everyone is all the same.

Everyone( teen girls, gay guys & misguided souls) blogs the same Hipster-esque("unique") photos, music, tv shows, bullshit quotes and wants and needs.

Tumblr users constantly complain about their cushy first world lives and apparent emotional/mental problems to the point where their meaningless problems have them very openly contemplating "suicide".

If we are lucky these fuckers will eventually kill themselves and this godforsaken website will have no choice but to join myspace in the ruins.
How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

- 3. One to screw it in, the other to bitch about how they liked the old lightbulb better and the third to take artsy photos for their tumblr.
by IspeakofTHETRUTH December 13, 2011

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