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(1) A word, comment or action that is both offensive in manner and in accordance with the actual state of affairs.
(2) When someone tells you a reality about you or your present situation that you really do not want to hear.
Grayson: I can't believe I hooked up with four guys in one night.
Kevin: That's because you're a whore.
Grayson: So trude.

Bruce: Did you eat those whole bag of cookies? You gained five pounds in five minutes. Look how fat you are!
Nick: You don't have to be so trude in front of my new boyfriend who I met last night.

Rafael: Tony is wasted...again.
Rafael: No, that's just true.
by PortugeseLesbian May 27, 2011
When something is rude but true.
Person A: Don't be rude.
Person B: I'm not! I'm being trude!

eg 2
You don't have to be so trude.
by Jackattack7 April 10, 2008
A super cool "I just wanna be her" type chick. Everybody's ideal of a great thing.
She is just SO Trude
by Lil_Ms_Sassyass April 09, 2005
A response to a comment that is both true and rude.
:You're really struggling with that typing today

:You could use to lose a few pounds
by hereade September 11, 2010
A truth that is rude, however true.
Friend one: You totally faceboinked.

Friend two: That is so trude!

by Soba Sib February 23, 2009
A combination of the words true and rude. Is used when someone says something that is a rude thing to say but at the same time a true statement.
A: That lady over has an ugly face.
B: That's trude
by actor15 June 22, 2009
1. A very embarrassing, annoying, loud, and obnoxious laugh.

2. An extremely homosexual sounding laugh.
"Wow, that girl probably has the most trude laugh I've ever heard."
by filfil August 19, 2009
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