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A combination of "true," and "touche." A way of saying "I'm wrong, you're right."
Pronounced "True-shay."
"Fuck man, the toaster's broken!"
"It's not plugged in."
by GullibleZine November 06, 2006
When a friend calls you out on something and the correct response would be both true and touche.
Ally: That dumbass came in my mouth!

Shelby: Well at least he didn't give you a Chicago bow tie..

Ally: Truche.
by sheally July 18, 2009
A retort of submission to another's rhetorical jab that rings with alarming verity.
"Geez, I'm really pissed at my friend, she didn't call me at exactly seven o'clock like she said she would."
"But your friend lives in Colorado, which is mountain time. And we live in North Carolina, you mountain moron."
by Trekky October 07, 2006
Pronouced true-shey. When someone brings up a viable argument in which one would use the phrase touché, but the argument itself is also true.
Me: Hey, you lied, money does grow on trees.

Friend: I never said that, your dad said that.

Me: Truché.
by Kevindablood December 12, 2010
It's a cross between Touche' and True.

Instead of saying "true true" when you get moded.

Instead of saying "Touche'" when you get corrected.
Me: Hurry up Jen
Jen: Suck my ****
Me: You don't have a ****
Jen: It's bigger than yours
Me: I was gonna tell you a joke about my penis but it's too long
Jen: I was gonna tell you a joke about my vagina but you won't get it.
Me: ...dang, Truche'
by thisischani February 25, 2011
(Pronounced like "true" and "touche" combined) When a rebuttal is given, a person who agrees and admits defeat may say "truche"
"My wiener is larger than yours", "No, look at mine", "Truche bro"
by forsho December 27, 2008
True + Touche = Truche! It's used to affirm when someone makes an excellent, valid and entirely truthful statement.
"A woman with a large posterior should not wear cheetah pants." And in response "Truche."
by Rachmh February 09, 2010
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