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Trox (noun) - An American sports restaurant/bar also known as Fox and Hound.

Trox (verb) - Spending any amount of time at the Fox and Hound (or any similar facility, situation, or generally ridiculous engagement) in pursuit of sex, drunken stupidity, or buffalo chicken wrap(s).
Example: "Let's have a trox after pick pick."
by Unnecessary Sauce May 20, 2013
1. A super human with an enormous penis
2. The male who gets all the females without any effort
1. I hope when i grow up i have a trox
2.I wish I picked up like Trox
by Troximus Maximus December 02, 2004
The Best, Cannot be better in other sense "Uber"
Also can be said as "Troxxa"
"Oh Shit that dudes the Trox"
"Man this guys beastin on us hes the Troxxa"
by Brandonius Maximus May 26, 2008
the combination of a tray and a box.
He at his hamburger out of a trox
by Rubias May 02, 2005
this term is used to define those who are losers/geeks. these types of "trox" people are the scum of society and should be dealt with in the manner in which they are. they look like complete idiots and shun themselves away from society because they are incapable of communicating with other members of society. they would rather not be seen in public.
Man 1: Dude, do you see that idiot over there?
Man 2: Yea man, he's a Trox.
by Eva Lendsay April 21, 2005
Another word for female genitalia.
Yo, I'ma get all up in your trox, bitch!
by Eliza Martin April 03, 2005
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