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the effects of a psychedelic or hallcinogenic drug. (LSD,2-CB,PCP,DXM,DMT,K,psilosybin (shrooms), a million more)
"I got a flashback from my acid trip last night."

"I was trippin' off DMT a while ago."
by kyoshira November 26, 2004
a robotic zombie like walking when under the influence of certain drugs. named after robotussin (DXM)
i was robotripping last night and my friends made fun of me doing the robowalk
by kyoshira December 31, 2004
a drug probley comes from the word dopamine which is a chemical in the brain that is often effected when under the influence
ill suck your dick for some dope
by kyoshira December 18, 2004
music which is sometimes associated with the "goth" trend which is a same because it is great music. death metal has growling a earspliting vocals, fast drums and guitars. death metal seems less organized and rehearsed than normal music
dismember,cannible corpse, children of bodom
by kyoshira November 26, 2004
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