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Verb. Etymology: coming from the modern car tuning scene.
a phrase that means to modify a vehicle with as many types of aftermarket parts, performance or visual-wise, as are supported by that certain vehicle.
"As soon as i get my settlement check, im gonna trick out my ride"
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
To trick out is to put your girlfriend out on the streets, turning tricks. Frequent tactic of low-life sludge who get nice girls hooked on crack. Once they're hooked tricking them out is the next step. The sludge then has dual trade.
Antwan said, "I'm gwon to trick out that fine biotch standing over there once I got my game togetha."
by MsLi April 01, 2006
(v) (to trick out)

When you're makin' mad-sweet love to a lady friend and someone reaches behind you and tickles your balls, that's trickin' out.
Ben: Coco, this is the most mad-sweet love I've ever made.
Coco: Oh Ben, I love you so!
Ben: ::giggles uncontrollably::
Coco: What's so funny, bastard?
Ben: Xavier! Stop tickling my balls!
by That Dark Haired Chica January 04, 2005
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