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A divalicious term used by an elite/small percentage of the population who have mastered the art of trantric seduction.
Trick Nasty: Why the fuck woudn't he want people to know he got with me??? Yo everyone up on this campus knows that I'm a dope ass hella-freaky Tricky Nasty DIVAAA
by Stoner-Bitch August 10, 2010
the definition of a great life. any trick thats so raunchy that (s)hes not just trick, (s)hes trick Naaasty. you gotta be a hot mess to deserve this one.
bitch, you're such a trick nasty.

trick nasty, your dignity is long gone.
by theultimatetricknasty August 08, 2010
A chick that is very attractive "sexy" that you want to fuck if not more then that....
Dame look at that TrickNasty.
Shit that TrickNasty is bout it.
by dirtylilmitch October 28, 2009
When you are so nasty, it's trick. Very Sad. Not just Nasty, Trick Nasty.
That bitch is trick nasty.
by Lindz & Samie February 07, 2005
being trick nasty is good! its when youre so trick its disgustingly nasty, it goes along the same lines as the word sick in that it can be used in a positive or negative sense
damn yo, i robbed you trick nasty.

her herpie filled tits is trick nasty.
by Jakeoh June 22, 2006
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