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1. The emotion one gets when they begin to feel depressed for depressions sake, especially whilst they are happy.
Ex: fake depression
2. The feeling you get from listening to your favorite songs, which are about being depressed.
3. The happy way listening to Jawbreaker records for hours makes you feel, melancholy.
4. Happy and sad at the same time.
5. Faking happiness when you're really sad.

I had a really great day, but listening to my emo music made me mellowcholy.
by Jakeoh April 14, 2006
1. when you, or your six speed (bike :), is tricked out nasty.
2. to be so nasty tricked its disgustingly sick.
3. See trick nasty or sick
show me dem tricked nasty greeels yo!
Have you seen that Jamie Anderson? He's tricked nasty.
by Jakeoh July 10, 2006
being trick nasty is good! its when youre so trick its disgustingly nasty, it goes along the same lines as the word sick in that it can be used in a positive or negative sense
damn yo, i robbed you trick nasty.

her herpie filled tits is trick nasty.
by Jakeoh June 22, 2006

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