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(- verb)

1. the act of neutralizing a lethal threat, through sudden application of deadly force, often with a concealed weapon

2. any overwhelmingly effective thwarting of an attack, especially an attack by an overconfident aggressor

3. to successfully employ a concealed weapon in the act of self-defense, especially a gun

4. to be trayvoned; to be neutralized by a deadly weapon while committing an act of violence

5. (- vague) any sudden positive turn in fortune or circumstance, affected through the use of a secret technique, surprise methodology, or abrupt physical act

a: "Dude, those feral urbanites have been following us for the last half hour"

b: "S'ahright, man, if they try to rob us I'll trayvon the first one -- the others will scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on"


"Wow, did you see that YouTube vid of that thug getting trayvoned at the internet cafe by the 71-year-old man? Bet he never saw THAT coming!"


"Yo, it was s'posed to be a simple carjack. Instead, my man Jason got trayvoned! The dude had a shotgun!


"I was at the casino all night, down to my last hundred bucks, and I hit it big! I trayvoned that one-armed bandit, now I'm gonna get me one a 'dem high-class hookers!
by GoAheadMakeMyDay July 25, 2012
To become a victim of alleged racial profiling.
by soothsayer999 July 23, 2013