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A contraction for the career or position of "Community Organizer."

Obama's coming to the political scene in the U.S.A. made much of the world aware of this unusual "occupation."

If being a Community Organizer is such an "important" career, then it deserves a contraction or antonym like nearly all other important careers have.
The current American President Barack Obama's previous career experience was primarily as a CommuNizer.
by RTHTGakaRoland October 27, 2010
All but the very few conservative members and supporters of the Democrat Party in the U.S.A..

Characterized by their sneaky parasitic exploitation of productive and self sufficient Americans and infestation of American cities.
Nancy Pelosi is the queen of of the Bedbug Democrat hive that has infested American politics.
by RTHTGakaRoland October 27, 2010
The name for the phenomena of the American economy sinking into the quicksand of Obamanomics to depths equaling or surpassing those of The Great Depression.
Roosevelt spent and grew government transforming a narrow financial crisis into: The Great Depression. Obama is spending and growing government transforming a narrow financial crisis into: The Great Oppression.
by RTHTGakaRoland June 27, 2011
A type of creeping insanity that overtakes messianic and / or dictatorial heads of government.

A combination of the name of U.S.A. president Barack Obama, who appears ever more likely to be a suffer of mental illness, and the slang phrase for insanity " animal crackers."
It is difficult to decide which head of a government is loonier, but Mugabe and Ahmadinejad are clearly obama crackers.
by RTHTGakaRoland November 08, 2010
Racist attacks perpetrated by African-Americans, usually mobs, putatively in revenge for the self-defense shooting of a young A-A man in Florida in 2012 by a homeowner.
A 16-year-old has been arrested in connection with a Trayvoning of two Virginian-Pilot reporters last month, where a mob of African-American youths drug the white victims from their car then beat them both.
by RTHTGakaRoland May 05, 2012

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