a slang term for the trapeziod muscle found between the neck and the shoulder...
Wholly shit....look at waughs traps!! what a fuckin' beast.....RAHHHH
by kablahhhhh July 25, 2006
A house in the inner city that has boarded up windows that is usually used for selling drugs.
Waka Flocka: Hey gucci mane, let me get an ounce of purp.
Gucci Mane: Yo meet me at the trap later tonight.
by Thewiseone2010 June 20, 2010
Not specifically a place where drugs are sold, rather, The ghetto, specifically the ghetto in Atlanta. Called the trap because people there are stuck in a cycle of selling drugs and hustling to survive, and are therefore "trapped" and unable to leave and make a better life for themselves.
"Meet me in the trap, it's goin down."
by Adam J. October 02, 2006
Trap: A place where you go to buy or sell drugs. Typicallyin the hood.
"Now I was born in the belly of the bottom of the map,
Where the wet paint drip jelly on pirelliz an the chrome on the Chevy when I'm choppin in the trap":ludacriss-Georgia

by Andrew ANGG June 25, 2006
place where illegal activities like drug deals can be carried out.
"Meet me in the trap it's goin' down" - Yung Joc
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
A type of music using typical drum beats. 1/3 hip-hop, 1/3 dubstep, 1/3 dub.
Razihel - Legends is my new favourite trap song!!
by KorSide May 14, 2015
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