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Sian because she always has dog hairs all down her and she burps in one directions face.
Sian burped in one directions face because shes a tramp
by lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy October 01, 2011
3 0
Slang for the word trampoline.
"Hey lets go and jump around on the tramp"
by insecureshoe December 14, 2006
174 171
A person who lifts more than 95% of the population of your school and is very large in size because when some people see him they say "wow". Someone who is constantly being accused of using steroids, when in fact he/she do not use steroids.
1.That kid is such a tramp.
2.I am feeling trampy.
by jimwho April 01, 2010
2 4
alex is a tramp
by August 11, 2009
2 9
a bitch ass scrap puto
look @ that puto tramp scrap ass bitch lets split his wig (head)
by .me4tb4ll:: September 09, 2008
10 17
A group of young men who believe in upholding their beliefs by camping out lots, not sticking to fashion labels, shopping at charity shops, worshiping nature and being psychedelic
jonny - today is the first day that i name you all the tramps
tramps - wow dude thats so cool lets go hug treeS!
jonny - sounds smooth
by Poulson June 07, 2005
10 17
1. A homeless person who travels and does not work, and pisses in his or her clothes, and grows a beard.

2. Osama Bin Laden.
There's a new tramp in town, and he looks like Bin Laden.
by Kerb November 27, 2004
20 28