English word for a homeless person who lives on the streets and begs for money. Usually spends money begged for on cheap alcohol. Sometimes play an instrument to earn money and sometimes have a dog.
"No don't throw money to that tramp. He won't spend it on clothes or food like what he needs"
by Jack.M November 11, 2005
Synonym for slut, but not the same. A slut is obvious. A tramp is a slut disguised as a lady. This makes her much more dangerous. A tramp is a woman who will seem to be everything you've dreamed of in a woman and will make you feel like the only guy in the world...

...just like the last guy, and just before - sometimes SHORTLY before - the next one.
"We spent nearly every day together for two months, then she goes and screws my COWORKER. Can you believe this fucking tramp?"
by Man-eated May 12, 2012
1) a grey dog in a disney film, with a shaggy beared, his girlfriend is called lady

2) a dog that shares his spag bol with a lady, round the back of Luigi's italian restaurant

3) your mum
your mum is a tramp because she had sex with a shaggy bearded waiter, outside Luigi's italian restaurant.
by trashy grandma May 08, 2010
A sexually promiscuous but unattractive or downright nasty girl or woman, not hot enough to be a bimbo, slut or whore. A skank. Serviced by desperate guys.
Elwood was so desperate he fucked the fat, smelly, zit-ridden skanky tramp Jackie.
by slutlover123 October 16, 2008
The use of one's feet to "Pat" something down.
"hey you bastard, don't tramp on my flowers!"

"If you tramp the soil down well, they'll never find the body"
by worzelgummidge June 12, 2008
a guy with long greasy, tangled hair often unwashed for many months. Does not wash for months as well and wears the same clothes for a long period of time. Homeless and begs for money. Tramps are often know as 'Troy'
1. ahhh, that dude stinks man, who is he?"
hmm don't know man, looks like a troy though innit!"
innit, such a tramp!
A lovable character who rides the rails.
Wow, look at that, Petey the Tramp got a new bindle.
by Jack Eulation January 04, 2011
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