5 definitions by haardt

a really stunning, georgious, sexy, awsome, funny, fun to be around, beautiful, nice, devilish woman
i part her____ like moses parts the sea
by haardt March 25, 2003
a sexy girl to tha millionth power who has blong hair that slowy casgades over her shoulders
haardt is going out with cat
by haardt February 10, 2003
a hot contortioist who can do odd things with her body. and shes has hair that casgades over her shoulders forming a gold river
by haardt February 08, 2003
verb - thinking of someoe in a very sensual way, almost as if they were you love bird....
i was just hinking of you
and for those of you who dont know
thinking- verb- to think about about some one is a sensual way, as if they were your love bird
by haardt December 12, 2003
someone that fingers everyone of his Ex girlfriends and brags about it at school!! i love to finger people...but i still cant imagine why my parents would name me haardt!! its so gay like myself i think at times
by haardt April 03, 2003

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