check out bumfighters for advanced definition.
"hhhey i love it!!!!" Rufus the stuntbum 2000.
by nathan bangstick October 15, 2003
#tramps on quakenet theyre a cpl counterstrike clan
omfg we just got owned by #tramps
by disco June 08, 2003
A Famous Baibe..
A girl ,guys would die for....
She is a master tramp in teh city.
by Hellraizor December 11, 2005
Someone wot aint got no money and begs off other people
tramp: have u got any spare change, Person: no u f**kin tramp!
by Kay July 10, 2003
a smacked up fuck winit who nobody likes because they are poor and theie mum is often found on corparation road
john wriggley is a tramp
by phill the power November 03, 2006
Another word for a trumpet
Yo get ya tramp son.
by Johnny Appleseed January 03, 2005
Somebody whos mother never taught them to dress properly, so either wears the untidiest, oldest, smelliest, raggediest clothes ever, or pretty mch wears no clothes at all, so they can see how many men will shag them, which normally totals to none as they are flabby drunken wores who'se bellies flop over their trousers *pukes*
"Oh my god leah ambler looks like a right tramp"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
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