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Aaron Storch has rocketed to US fame in the past year. Although he started as a second string right wing for a relatively unknown south Canadian hockey team, he now has a completely loyal (and almost fanatic) following in the US. His name has given rise to many expressions:
for example, "Storch" is being exchanged with "Pimp," "Baller," and "Sick-Nasty"

Old phrase: "Dude, that shit was SICK! Did you see that triple backflip?"

Now: "Dude! that shit was STORCH, man! He's fuckin STORCHIN it up out here!" etc...
by dedicated_fan January 13, 2010
Athletic, very appealing, someone who is very bright, normally there favorite number is 12, someone who can always make you laugh, you Always wanna be around this person... basically an all around cool person!
I wanna be Storch like you.
by jade becon February 25, 2010

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