a piece of shit japanese car company who would love to see american automobile industry fall to the ground. Soon to be dominated by ford motor company and General Motors. An automobile company that has the most recalls out of every automobile manufacturer.
Mike, I should listened to you when you told me to spend my money where I made it. That ford would look alot better in my driveway than that rice burner.

Support the american economy, blow up your toyota.

Keep it in Japan.
by al77 May 14, 2007
A support system for a stainless steel exhaust tip for those who have micro dicks. A cramped little shitbox with a 5cc sewing machine motor. Something to bolt a grocery cart handle to while the zit faced asslick behind the wheel pretends that it's a spoiler.
I think I just squashed another Toyota.
by Hoze December 07, 2003
A long line of very ugly and very poor quality automobiles
My Chevy eats Hondas and shits Toyotas.
by Phantom3 April 11, 2009
MR2, Supra, AE86 corolla. better then any piece of shit american nothings. toyota has a 10yr look out, compared to chevy w/ a 3yr look out. meaning toyota knew in 1990 where they'd be in 2000. chevy plays off the stock market, and also still manage to make tiny ppl feel cramped. if you want american, do it right, go w/ an old muscle car, dont' go w/ a ricer piece of plastic and a yugo motor that has a ford, chevy or dodge badge on it.
MR2 - italian looks, japanese reliabilty
Supra - self-explanitory, its a supra
AE86 - drifting for about $1500
by Illegal Blitz April 11, 2004
Friend 1: Hey, I'm thinking of buying a car.
Friend 2: Really? Do you have a particular brand or model?
Friend 1: Yes a Toyota.
Friend 2: What?! You should avoid that brand all together. Remember the gas pedals?
Friend 1: Oh right, thanks bro, good looking out.
Friend 2: No prob.
by vprodigy March 11, 2010
A once creator of reliable cars, and trucks, who's making bad design choices over the last couple of years.
Best small truck and most capable 4 Wheel truck on the market
"My driveway is muddy again, please bring the Toyota Tacoma and pull my Chevy S-10 to the road."
by nightwatch October 03, 2003
a death wish.

a vehicle that is hard to stop, no matter how good the brakes.

Japans newest way to kill Americans while not at war with America.

Constantly moving forward despite having brakes.
John: "hey, you hear tommy was hit by a Toyota Prius because the Prius couldn't stop? he almost died!"

Guy: "Yeah. Sean had the same problem with his Camry. he caused the 70 car pile up on I-95 6 people died!"
by I am who i am! Get over it! April 02, 2010
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